Student Disability & Accessibility Support Services

Student Disability & Accessibility Support Services (DAS) are available to all currently enrolled students who have documented disabilities that substantially limit them in one or more major life activities. Individuals eligible for services may have, but are not limited to中, following types of disabilities: mobility, orthopedic, hearing, visual, learning, psychological and attentional.

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    Eligibility must be determined in order to make arrangements for services and accommodations through Student Disability & Accessibility Support Services (DAS). 学生们 should complete the following steps in order to open a disability file and begin receiving services.

    1. 承认你是底特律慈悲后,接触DAS的副主任指出你的意图,为残疾服务注册。您将需要一个完整 DAS请求住宿形式。在完成进气过程后残疾文件将被启动,将成为在收到和适当的文件的核查活动的。
    2. 提供一个 残疾和核销单 (不超过6个月),并确认您建立残疾SDAS。请参阅下面的残疾文档的指导方针。如果你有一个迫切需要做没有文件,请联系DAS的助理导演讨论您的选择。
    3. 适当的文档收到并核实后,安排会议随着DAS的助理导演讨论您的具体需要根据您的住宿残疾。
    4. DAS的助理导演将每学期的批准住宿的正式通知,提供你的教授。 而你不必重新申请住宿每学期,必须与DAS的助理导演,以确认您的注册和正在申请住宿。

    It is very important for students with disabilities to self-advocate. It is your responsibility to advise the Assistant Director of Student Disability & Accessibility Support Services if you ever feel that your needs are not being met or your accommodations are not being provided.




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    残疾学生积极鼓励利用通过免费提供的许多服务支持 学生成功中心中, 三人学生支持服务计划 KCP程序,其中包括辅导,学业上的成功策划,研究组和辅导服务。辅导,特别是,应定期任何学生的研究计划的一部分。对于辅导课约会可以在网上进行的。这些参加活动是非常有益的,并在支持学术上的成功已经证明结果ADH。


    The mission of Student Disability & Accessibility Support Services, in keeping with the University's mission to provide excellent student-centered undergraduate and graduate education, is to create an accessible community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of the educational environment. Because of our belief in the dignity of each person, and through compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 和 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, amended in 2008, we strive to promote student's independence and to ensure recognition of their abilities, not disabilities.